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2008 Year Ahead Report Sample

Manglik Dosh Report Sample


2008 Horoscope Sample|2008 year ahead|2008 astrology

DEAR Chaitanya Namburi,

Please find the year 2008 report. This report covers multiple areas of life for your year 2008. It includes your education, business, career, money flow, finance and Purchase of vehicle, Purchase of Property, romance and marriage predictions, children, Health, foreign travel etc. We are thankful that you have chosen us to do the horoscope analysis and predictions for year 2008.


Your Moon Sign: Cancer


Your Ascendant: Libra


Your Ascendant lord: Venus


You luck lord: Mercury

We wish you best of luck for the coming life and the next year.


Inputs for preparation of this report


Your Vedic Horoscope based on birth details provided by you

Your yearly Horoscope for 2008.

Transit positions of all planets


Overall rating of this year on the scale of 10












Money flow and financial status




Purchase of Vehicle




Purchase of property




Romance/Marital life








Foreign travel




This rating explains the potential of good and bad impacts on you. Till 3 is bad, 3 to 4 is average. Above 4 till 10 is good 


Summary of year 2008


      Up to April 2008, Good progress in career and smooth money flow Spontaneous growth in career. You can get good appraisals and promotions. You must secure optimum consolidation from existing career You can get income from various sources. You can make people surprise, through your talent. The existing career continues with smooth and steady progress initially. Proved efficient in workplace.


      You will be doing your work with great discipline and concentration. Your intellect and creativity will function at their peak now. In this time your contacts will be fruitful for you. You should utilize that links in a proper way and can enhancement your work. This will more beneficial for you, in this time you will get the extra power and responsibilities related to work.


      Things will be fully in your favor and it will be a very prosperous period After April 2008, there is a period starting with full of obstacles. This period will last up to October 2008. sudden hindrance will create the disturbance in completion of work Have not support of fortunate, only hard work will pay in this period. You should behave as a defensive.Otherwise you can face some critical situation in this time. So avoid the ruling attitude and should try to adjust with working environment. So you should be very conscious about your work and duties.So overall this period will not beneficial and much fluctuation to continue the work.


      Be careful in any type of professional relationship. Due to this situation mental stress will also increase. Open thought will more beneficial for overcome this condition. You should not try to changes in work profile in this period. You must be very cautious for higher as well non-necessary expenses. Average income but inadequate savings, much higher expenses






This year indicates good achievements in the area of education

You will get good grades in competitive exams this year.

Beware of your rivals you they can defame you

In October 2008, you are going to have good achievements and progress.

After October 2008, you are going to have good time for 2 years and 5 months.




The existing career would continue with smooth and steady progress up to April.

The period influences strong chances for a change in career.

You would be getting some distinct career opportunity.

The career would notice some betterment with this change.

You would be getting good opportunities in career.

Good success in career undertakings would be possible.

Your personal efforts to improve the status would be much successful.




The income would be stable.

Good gains in a period from June 2008 to September 2006

Some rise in income would be possible after above mentioned change.

Expenses would be higher too.

You must control your higher expenses in this year.

Thus savings and investments would not be satisfactory.

Some expenses for journeys are also indicated.

Avoid speculations, the period is unfavorable for speculations and some losses are possible if not careful.




There are no chances of purchasing vehicle in this year. The existing vehicle will run will be retained in good shape.




There are less chances of buying a new property or get the property in inheritance this year. It is possible in year 2009.




The marital life would notice some disharmony.

Some occasional conflicts with spouse are indicated.

Care is needed to maintain harmony with spouse.

November 2006 will be worse for marital relation




Health will be generally stable and normal.

No specific disorder will develop now.

Yet take care of stress that can leave you weak.




Foreign travel is there in April 2008 and it will be for 1 month and 20 days. You will probably go to western European country.




January 2008:


The period indicates active temperament for action.Some new communications are indicated.The existing career continues with smooth and steady progress.Good success in career undertakings would be possible. You must try to secure good consolidation from existing career.Health problems for some family members would be a cause of worry.Care is needed to control higher and non-necessary expenses.


February 2008:


The existing career would notice smooth and steady progress. Some new communications would be fruitful. Some inclinations for a change in career would prevail. You should secure optimum consolidation from existing career. Health would be fine.Some rise in energy can be experienced.


March 2008:


You would be getting a distinct opportunity for career. The career would notice some betterment.Some rise in income would be possible.Avoid speculations.Some losses are possible if not careful.Health matters of some family member would be a cause of worry.


April 2008:


The period indicates a favorable phase for career.You would be getting good opportunities in career.You will go to foreign land.Your active temperament as well efforts in the right direction would enable you to secure good success in career undertakings.Your personal efforts for betterment would be fruitful.The income would be fine.The relationship with seniors would be harmonious. The health would be fine.




May 2008:


The authorities would be favorable to you. The relationship with seniors would be harmonious. The career would notice well upturn.Good success in career undertakings would be possible.There will be good gains during this period.The health would be fine.You would be fit to work anywhere.


June 2008:


You would be getting good opportunities in career.Good success in career undertakings would be possible.Much of your tension and worries for career would get relived.Relationship with family members would be harmonious.The marital life would be fine. Care is needed to control higher and non-necessary expenses.You must set proper action plans for savings and investments. The health would be fine.


July 2008:


The existing career continues but some homely matters may divert your attention for some period. Some new communications with distinct associates are indicated. Care is needed to maintain the harmony with seniors.Avoid speculations. There are some chances for losses if not careful. The marital life may notice some disharmony.Care is needed to maintain harmony with spouse. Health would be fine.


August 2008:


The period indicates some new communications.You would be getting some good opportunities in existing career.The career would regain smooth and steady progress again. The period indicates higher expenses and care is needed to control.Some journeys are indicated. The marital life may notice some disharmony. Some occasional conflicts with spouse would be a cause of worry.Some tensions and worries are possible.


September 2008:


Very good period.Your Popularity may increase.This period will be good for important decision which related to business. Loss of money will not occur through Enemies. You should be cautious from your rivals.A good period for investments and gain through earlier investments too.Expenses on Medical and traveling will increase.



October 2008:


The period influences some difficulties at career field. . You may notice some resistance in career undertakings.Care is needed to maintain harmony with seniors. The period indicates higher expenses. Avoid speculations.The marital life may notice some disharmony. Your professional problems would not be getting a healing touch at home.Health would be fine.


November 2008:


The marital life will notice disharmony. Unnecessary disputes in profession.Problems with colleagues.Your boss would not be favorable to you.Health would not be fine.


December 2008:


Much hurdles and obstaclesSometimes you will be because of your wrong attitude and arroganceYour friends will conspire against youSo be careful in this period from some of the closed people in your close circle.


Thanks and regards,


Aacharya J.N.Sharma



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