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We follow Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing your personalized astrological reading. The Indian Vedic astrology system is the most ancient and most accurate. For readings, your birth details are required

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Indian Medical Astrology| Vedic medical astrology| Indian astrology| Vedic horoscope| Indian horoscope

Medical astrology is a branch of Vedic astrology (Indian Astrology) which deals with health part .In today's scenario when people living in metros and elsewhere leads a very busy and hectic life which effects their mental as well physical health. People don't have much time to pay attention towards health which results in many form of diseases. A good health is a blessing Healthy body has a healthy mind. A sick mind or body can not achieve any success in any field what so ever.

Medical Astrology is a specialized field in which an expert astrologer do the horoscope analysis of a person and Using the principles of Vedic astrology, he is able to predict the potential diseases or a potential weak organ of the body. It is a science and a healing art, which uses the information,  extracted from one's Vedic Horoscope to know the potential diseases, their timing, the responsible planet and the astrological remedies which will cure the person.

Your Indian Horoscope provides complete information about the timing of events and may give us clues as to when problems may begin, or fade off.

In Indian Astrology, Human Body has been divided in to 12 parts and they have been connected with 12 houses.

If any of these houses in Indian horoscope are not in good status ,person can have disease related to that house and the it can be cured only when person will do the remedy related to the house and its lord, or the planet placed or aspecting that house. The duration can also be derived. and astrological remedies can prevent the disease to happen and can cure it if it is already happened. 

Medical Astrology can provide vital, life saving information. Through its applications one can solve medial problems before it's onset. For a correct diagnosis of the medical problem through Astrology 3 things are required.

Date, Month and Year of Birth
Time of Birth
Place of Birth

We at  will help you to prevent and cure the disease with the help of various remedial measures such as use of Gem stones, Puja, Yantras and other remedies etc.

What we will provide in this Medical Astrology Consultancy

The Analysis, timing, types of disease:-

  • We will analyze your Vedic astrology horoscope
  • We will tell you what potential diseases are possible and when
  • If you have already suffering from the disease then the future periods of it's happening would be given with the prevention measures.

Protection from disease by:-

  • Astrological Remedial Measures to prevent the disease
  • By Gem Stones
  • By Vedic mantras
  • By Puja
  • Other Remedies


You can choose from the following options:

Medical Astrology Report                                       Rs.  800                                    Order Now



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