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We follow Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing your personalized astrological reading. The Indian Vedic astrology system is the most ancient and most accurate. For readings, your birth details are required

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Compatibility | Aries nature | Aries qualities| first sign

Aries! wants to know how year 2008 is going to be for you. Get your personalized year 2008 horoscope




Your symbol - The Ram


Your ruling Planet- mars


Your quality- Cardinal



Your element- Fire


Your basic Trait- I am


Your closest Metal- Iron



Your lucky day – Tuesday.


Your lucky color – Red, Scarlet.


Your lucky No – 9



Your stone- Jasper and Ruby



Your vibration - Enthusiastic.



Your harmonious signs - Sagittarius, Leo



Your lucky Flowers - Geraniums.



Aries Secret Desire - To lead the way for others.



Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by mars. This zodiac sign is represented by the symbol of 'The Ram’. Considered to be the infant representing birth. You are a person of good conduct. Aries child is a born leader with lots of courage and enthusiasm. This little baby is also a bundle of energy that will attempt impossible acts like flying or walking on water if not watched every second. Activity is their middle name.


The moment you come across an Aries, the first thing that comes to your mind is his/her friendly nature. The friendliest person in your neighborhood will most probably be an Aries personality. People having an Aries profile cannot tolerate injustice, always fight against it. Aries people are 'doers' rather than 'talkers'. They are the impulsive, act first, ask questions or have doubts later, sign of the zodiac.

Since Aries 'acts first and thinks later' he/she often regrets his rash action at a later stage. You have the ability to create new methods for others persons, to improve old methods, and to institute new ideas; you are clever, humorous, and fond of music, and entertainment.

You enjoy harmony and beauty, and frequently crave for luxury. You are brilliant conversationalists, and have the ability to say the right thing at the right moment, and in the proper situation. But you may suffer problems in your life because of your wavering mind. You have few children. You are a famous person whose wealth is secure and immense. But you are a spendthrift.

Aries will have fierce anger. He may get extremely angry in a minute, but the anger seldom lasts for a long time. Aries always prefers fame to money. He lives in the present and is a realist, yet believes in miracles. Aries chase success, not waiting for it to fall in their lap, and don't accept defeat.

Failure can never keep them down. Their ability to live life close to the edge provides them with a wealth of 'real experience' to call upon. When an Aries person talks about something or somewhere they've usually done it or been there, rather than simply read about it in a book.

Positive qualities: Enterprising, incisive, spontaneous, courageous, energetic, active, daring, Adventurous, Confident.

Negative qualities: Impatient, impetuous, selfish, jealous, vain, proud, egoistic, coarse, brutal, possessive, violent.

In their personal relationships: When in love, you don a pair of rose-tinted glasses...  Love is the greatest influence that controls you. Many of your love affairs are impetuous and short-live, but long-remembered. Marriage is, with them, something of a venture; you may face problems with some of your bad relatives.

Your friendship must be warm and on the level you are a fine friend and a formidable foe. You expect total devotion and sincerity in friendship. Arians are highly devoted to their children, even to the point of laying down their own lives, so that they might live. You will not find a more defensive and loving parent in the entire zodiac.

Business & Career: Most of the Aries people are involved in business or creative arts or are involved in planning and organization. Outdoor life is suited for your temperament. In business you should opt for sales promotion and manufacture. You love noisy and crowded atmosphere for your work. You are mechanical mind. You can opt for the defense forces.


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