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We follow Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing your personalized astrological reading. The Indian Vedic astrology system is the most ancient and most accurate. For readings, your birth details are required

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Pisces! wants to know how year 2008 is going to be for you. Get your personalized year 2008 horoscope


Your symbol - The Fish
Your ruling Planet-
Your quality-



Your element- Water
Your basic Trait-
I Believe
Your closest Metal-
Germanium and Strontium



Your lucky day Thursday, also Monday.
Your lucky color
Silver, Sea Greens, Mauve, Purple and Violet
Your lucky No
3 & 7



Your stone- Amethyst


Your vibration - Erratic Energy levels.


Your harmonious signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo


Your lucky Flowers Iris, Orchids, Violets and Water Lilies


 Pisces Secret Desire: To live their dreams and turn fantasies into realities.



Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, ruled by Jupiter. This zodiac sign is represented by the symbol of 'The Fish'. Pisces is well known for its adaptability, tolerance and kindness. Pisceans are blessed with imagination, creativity and sophistication. They often excel in music, arts and can be quite poetic. Pisces people are not much interested in the material things of life and are not the ones to run after money. It's not that they are against riches, but they are more aware of its impermanence. you do not even recognize your own strong points, for you are modest and unassuming and hesitate to display your knowledge. Pisces display either of the two basic personalities traits - going with the flow or against it. They will either go where the current takes them or fight against it.


Most Pisces are extremely talented, but even though they are gifted in many ways, they still manage to spend most of their lives battling "confusing" conditions. When we give a description of Pisces personality, one of the basic traits that come in mind is its soothing stability. Even in the worst of storms, a Piscean will never panic and will maintain his poise. They may count among their gifts mediumistic qualities which can give them a feeling that their best work comes from outside themselves, "Whispered beyond the misted curtains, screening this world from that." Even when they cannot express themselves creatively they have a greater than average instinct for, and love of, beauty in art and nature, a catlike appreciation of luxury and pleasure, and a yearning for new sensations and travel to remote, exotic places.


They fantasize about situations, people and particularly romance - and because they spend so much time in their own form of 'fantasy land' this can catch them short in other more worldly areas. Because of this inner world of fantasy, Pisces people seldom perceive whatever is going on around them in its true light. You are the zodiac's most sensitive sign, so you need to take extra special care of yourself. Nobody can beat you up, as much as you can beat yourself up within your own mind.You will never know when a Piscean is profoundly hurt. He hides his deepest emotions behind a veil of humor.


Positive qualities: Intuitive, interpretative, remarkable insight, kindly refined, excellent innate sense of beauty line, sacrificing and deeply understanding.

Negative qualities: Drifting, hypersensitive, pessimistic, nervous irritability, lack of self-restraint. Inflexible, Has mood swings, prone to wistfulness, Emotional.

In their personal relationships: In relationships they are friendly, unselfish and always willing to help. One thing that plays havoc with your life is romance. When things romantically are going well for you, you are on cloud nine. When romance turns sour you land in a heap. Pisces is sometimes called the 'romantic poet of the zodiac' and when it comes to making love, you can't find a more creative, imaginative and poetic lover than Pisces. Many times, romance will be carried out secretly; they are nevertheless intensely loyal and home-loving and will remain faithful.


Business & Career: agriculturist, stock raiser, librarians, astronomers, poet, actor, astrologers, artist, priest, journalist, philosopher, academician, historians, developers of inventions, government positions, secretaries, bookkeepers, architects, lawyers.  The range of suitable careers are wide, the medical profession comes high on the list. You do not usually rise to great heights, but are very seldom unsuccessful.


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